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About Flagship Carwash

Flagship Carwash was founded in 1986 with a simple goal — to create one of the top car wash operators in the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area. Today, the company operates out of over 30 locations, leveraging industry-leading technology to offer unlimited interior and exterior car washes alongside express detailing. A portfolio company of Spotless Brands, Flagship prides itself on its cutting-edge technology alongside its attention to detail, and maintains one of the most cost-effective car wash services on the market.

Innovation is in Flagship Carwash’s DNA, and they’re always looking for new ways to improve both the customer and the employee experience. With monitorQA, they can eliminate busywork and bottlenecks from their workplace safety and compliance processes. Since deployment, they’ve seen a notable increase in both staff engagement and efficiency — they’ve made their workplaces safer while also reducing the amount of time they need to spend doing so.

“Overall, I couldn’t be happier with monitorQA. It helps keep everything well-oiled, and makes it easy to keep the business in good shape from a health, safety, and maintenance standpoint. For Flagship, it’s more than just an audit tool — it’s an all-in-one solution for scheduling, auditing, health, safety, and quality.

Dylan Hlavaty

District Manager
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The Problem

A legacy approach to workplace safety and compliance leaves much to be desired. It’s a process marred by busywork and many bottlenecks. There are multiple ways things can go wrong, from overlooked safety concerns to a lack of communication and managerial accountability. 

For Flagship, compliance required Hlavaty to visit each location personally, running down a checklist and photographing any issues he encountered. He then had to manually upload both the checklist and any supporting evidence. This left him without the time to address anything beyond priority issues, and also made it difficult to hold anyone accountable without repeated, time-consuming follow-ups. 

Things were also frequently lost in translation, as documentation was cumbersome and difficult to parse, particularly when a case required supporting media. 

The company recognized the need for more streamlined, collaborative processes — not just for the sake of efficiency, but to better safeguard employee safety.

The Solution

Flagship’s parent company, Spotless brands, was no stranger to the challenging nature of health, safety, and compliance. Already familiar with monitorQA, the company recommended that Flagship deploy the software platform across all locations. 

A mobile inspection solution designed to streamline compliance audits, monitorQA eliminates paper forms and manual reporting from compliance management. Equipped with a smart audit form builder, corrective action monitoring, and powerful scheduling functionality, it provides an organization with everything it needs to stay on top of health, safety, and quality standards. The solution also supports data-rich audits that include annotated photos, signatures, timestamps, and GPS coordinates. 

Flagship Carwash rolled out monitorQA to roughly forty people, including four district managers, a maintenance manager, a supply chain manager, and 35 employees. The rollout went without incident, and no one had any trouble picking the platform up. After being onboarded and authenticated via email, everyone was good to go.

The Outcome

Through monitorQA’s mobile inspection software, Flagship Carwash has significantly improved its audit process across all 30+ locations. 

Leaving Legacy in the Past. monitorQA has saved Flagship Carwash a huge amount of time on health and safety audits. There’s no longer a need to leave notes, write out lengthy to-do lists, or fill out checklists. Instead, everything can be managed from within the app. They’ve gone from an old-school approach with spreadsheets to a completely digital compliance app, and it’s increased both the efficiency and accuracy of the company’s health and safety audits. 

Collaborative Compliance. Because monitorQA allows anyone to make notes and upload pictures, there’s no longer a need to inspect every corrective action or issue. Instead of going over everything with a fine-toothed comb, Flagship can now track business-specific metrics to help it better maintain both safety and compliance. 

Embracing Workplace Health & Safety. Not only was Flagship able to easily customize monitorQA to their specific needs, they also saw a considerable uptick in employee engagement. The app makes it easy to schedule and prioritize corrective actions, and helps auditees feel truly accountable for the company’s safety efforts. As a result, problems are detected and fixed much faster than they were before, and there’s no need to focus exclusively on priority issues. 

A Single Source of Truth. Every action within monitorQA leaves a digital paper trail. This allows auditors to see at a glance when each task was assigned, who interacted with the task, and when it was completed . 

With monitorQA, Flagship Carwash has eliminated cumbersome, time-consuming processes from its health and safety initiatives. This has allowed the company to not only operate with considerably more efficiency, but also gain a better understanding of its various locations.

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