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If you are looking for retail audit software to help you organize your retail business to perfection, look no more! monitorQA is a powerful tool that is useful for numerous purposes, including tracking key metrics and helping retail businesses streamline their operations. With retail store audit software, you can conduct comprehensive audits of your stores, tracking inventory, sales, and other important metrics to ensure accuracy and efficiency. You can also create brand-standards checklists, do a customer satisfaction survey, track mystery shopper results, and customize it to the needs of your business, all in one!

brand-standards checklist

brand-standards checklist

When it comes to the retail industry, the quality of your items is your best selling point. If you keep all your products up to a high standard and follow a consistent quality in line with your brand ideals, you will undoubtedly grow a loyal consumer base. The challenge is to keep your audience satisfied and never to disappoint them. This includes not only the quality of your products but also the quality of your customer service and overall customer experience, which can be achieved through effective communication and standards set by store managers.

To make sure all your items are in check with your brand-standards, you will need to conduct regular retail audits. monitorQA, the ultimate retail audit software comes in handy here because it helps you schedule audits, create checklists, and more.

  • recurring and ad-hoc audit scheduling
  • markup and share photos, barcode capture via our mobile app
customer satisfaction in stores

customer satisfaction

Deliver a consistently wonderful shopping experience for every customer. Use retail audit software to ensure that every aspect of your brand experience is up to your standards.

You can even use monitorQA’s mobile app to collect customer satisfaction surveys on mobile devices.

Gain insights from dashboards and reports on all aspects of your store: from operating procedures and service standards, to store appearance, promotions, and more.

  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • checklists and forms

staff training & onboarding

The retail industry has a high turnout when it comes to personnel. As people come in and leave frequently, building their careers, each business owner needs to know that their staff is all on the same page regarding knowing your brand and its values. 

Regular training is also a great bonding experience, a time to resolve any conflicts, and a chance for your employees to be heard. If your target audience is a younger generation, always be sure to listen to your younger colleagues for advice on trends and behavior, not forgetting to follow your more experienced employees’ guidance.

monitorQA’s retail audit software can help you organize the training within your organization and can even notify you of those that are due.

  • training forms
  • resolution collaboration
staff training & onboarding

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