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Insights & Reports

Only by understanding yesterday can you create a better tomorrow. Inspections are only as valuable the insights they generate that’s why we’ve created actionable dashboards and flexible reports to help you get the information you need.

Insightful dashboards

insightful dashboards

Maximize your productivity and focus on the things that truly matter. View all your operations at a glance and also zoom into specific issues that need attention. 

Explore past audit results to see trends and recurring problems, and discover actionable insights to improve your business.

  • Filter by date, location or audit template
  • Intuitive navigation to drill down quickly

Workplace safety is my top priority. I try to have high standards but it’s not easy. Things change quickly in my industry and we need to move fast for our clients. With monitorQA I feel confident that our operations are running smoothly and safely, and if issues arise, I’m alerted immediately. This lets me focus on innovating and growing the business.



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Discover areas for improvement

discover areas for improvement

Discover patterns in your operations. Our smart scoring system gives you the tools for deeper analysis.

  • Score by section
  • Weighted scoring for critical items

Drill down to see scoring by section to spot trends in non-compliance in specific areas. Learn more about areas that need attention and feel confident about areas that meet your standards.

Reports that work for you

reports that work for you

Automatically generate reports after every audit.  Get customizable reports that reflect your brand.

Export audit results to PDF, XLS and TXT formats – whichever suits you best. 

We’re always adding new integrations to many cloud-based storage services, or use our API to create a custom integration.

  • Multi-format report outputs
  • Built-in integrations

automated notifications & alerts

Worried about missing something? Worry no more!

We all know the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night with fear that we forgot to do something, or that something has gone wrong. Now you can sleep more soundly as the monitorQA app will send you automated alerts and reports so you will never miss a thing! With just a glimpse of your phone you will know how your business is doing as we will send you:

  • text message alerts
  • reports sent to inbox
Learn more about our smart audit form builder

Learn more about our smart audit form builder

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