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If you’re still using paper-based auditing, you’re putting your business in jeopardy of inconsistency, inaccuracy, double paying your employees, and issuing a false sense of safety. 

Switching to a mobile auditing app can help maximize efficiency throughout all areas of your business, eliminate wasted time, and give you proven, immediate results. 

Keep reading to see how switching to a mobile auditing app will streamline and improve your business and audit processes.

What is Auditing Software?

Any quick search on what audit software is will likely bring you to the “accounting” definition, meaning tax audits, data inputs, charts, and the dreaded IRS. 

But auditing and inspection software is so much more than tracking numbers and spreadsheets. The right auditing and inspection software can go as far as making your safety compliance easier, and in most cases, less expensive than ever before. Yes, even cheaper than old school pen and paper.

Often referred to as “field software”, mobile auditing apps not only reduce your paper usage and the amount you pay for data entry, but matching the right app to your organisation’s needs and goals can help inspectors and auditors become more effective, more efficient, and tighten the gap between audit findings and corrective measures

Paper-Based Audits

The average business owner often correlates the upgrade to digital solutions with added expenses. When it comes to mobile auditing software, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Sure, you think you’re doing just fine with your clipboards and excel spreadsheets. But if you haven’t heard what a mobile inspection app can do for your business, you’re missing out. 

Pen to paper auditing and inspections are time-consuming. They increase your chances of making mistakes. And you need more employees to make it work efficiently, meaning more training and increased wage payouts.

Paper checklists are double the work. First, they require taking manual notes. And second, those notes will need to be transferred manually to your database at a later time. That’s paying someone twice to do a task that can easily be done in one step in real time. If pictures were taken during those inspections, they as well will need to be uploaded later. 

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Re-entering data at a later time increases the chances of making mistakes, especially if someone other than the person who did the initial inspection is doing the data entry. The more team members involved in writing reports, the more inconsistencies there will be because of issues like poor penmanship, incorrect spelling, and abbreviations that may get misinterpreted. 

The gap between audit findings and corrective measures is unreliable when using paper-based auditing because there isn’t anything to prompt an immediate response from management or maintenance. When it comes time for re-auditing and re-inspection, you’ll likely see many of the same concerns checked off once again because nothing got done about them after the last audit. This is where a mobile auditing app, with risk management capabilities, can make a world of difference for audit teams.

A Digital Auditing App Solution

Used by a wide range of industries, mobile auditing apps are customizable to meet every company’s division or departmental needs. Using a tablet or phone at remote job-sites, in the warehouse, on the production floor, or anywhere your audit or inspection needs to be done is timesaving and convenient. 

So, what can you use mobile auditing apps for?

Just to name a few.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Auditing App

Besides all those trees you’re going to save by going paperless, you’ll see tremendous benefits when you transition to mobile auditing software:

  • Customized to fit your application: Every industry has different needs for auditing and inspections, devise your own custom checklists and templates, drop-down menus, and pertinent fields for streamlining your processes
  • Consistency: When you have more than one person doing internal audits and inspections, ensure consistency by including mandatory fields for every user
  • Audit verification: Auditing software has tracking features like timestamps, e-signatures, and gps to prove whether an inspection or audit was done, and where and when it took place 
  • Save money, time, and personnel: Say goodbye to paying someone to do things twice. Doing your audits and inspections on-the-go in one simple step eliminates the need to do any re-entry later
  • One step process: Capture photos and upload them all within the app
  • Centralized data: All authorized employees can access audit and inspection data from one central location
  • Real-time notifications: Receive instant notifications and alerts through messages and dashboards
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Monitor and track corrective actions through customized dashboards
  • Regulatory compliance: The results of corrective actions are automatically saved for proof of compliance
  • Discover inefficiencies: Learn about production or process issues that you may have been previously unaware of
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Ready to Improve the Way You Do Audits?

A digital auditing solution outperforms paper-based processes in every way. Leveraging a mobile auditing app will streamline your audit and inspection processes by driving consistency and efficiency. 

monitorQA has a mobile auditing app and platform that can empower your organization’s auditing abilities. Customized workflows, forms, checklists, dashboards, even reporting tools specifically catered to your industry—built exactly for each of your department’s needs—can effortlessly change the way you view and do audits. With responsive customer support available 24/7, you can rest assured that any questions or issues will be promptly addressed. Start your free trial today to see how easy monitorQA makes the auditing process on both iOS and android devices, and discover its key features.

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