construction safety checklist

What is a construction safety checklist?

A construction safety checklist is a specialized tool used by the foreman and other site supervisors to monitor the adherence to safety procedures on a construction site. The purpose of a construction safety checklist is to allow foremen to keep their workers safe at all times during construction. A digital construction safety checklist allows workers and managers to thoroughly document and monitor tasks as they’re completed, or audits as they’re carried out.

Why do you need a construction safety checklist?

Using a construction safety checklist helps ensure that your construction site is in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations. Site supervisors that are using a digital construction safety checklist will be able to document when a violation occurs, or when a specific area has been inspected and cleared.

What should a construction safety checklist include?

A construction safety checklist should include everything involved in keeping your work site safe and in compliance with any relevant regulations. This may look different from site to site, but there are many overall components that will be found in most construction sites. 

Key components of a construction safety checklist

  1. Fall Protection
  2. PPE Inspections
  3. Fire Protection

Fall protection

Falls are one of the most common types of workplace injury. Every worksite should have numerous areas of its construction safety checklist dedicated to preventing falls. Ladders and scaffolding require regular inspection, as does making sure that workers are using them properly. A digital construction safety checklist will allow your construction site to document its compliance with any fall-related regulations.

PPE inspections

Every construction site will require some amount of personal protective equipment (PPE). Different types of PPE will need to be used depending on the project in question. Foremen and site supervisors should ensure that enough PPE is available for everyone, as well as ensuring that all workers are properly making use of the equipment. 

Fire protection

An ideal construction safety checklist will include inspecting the presence and functionality of fire prevention and protection equipment. The items on this section of the checklist should be directly related to the standards set in place by OSHA or other relevant agencies. For example, you may need to ensure that fire extinguishers are available every 100 feet, or that there is proper signage about combustible materials.

The takeaway

A digital construction safety checklist enables site supervisors to carry out safety inspections by using their chosen device instead of pen and paper. Doing so will allow them to document any issues that are found, or simply document that the area in question is in compliance with. The purpose of a construction safety checklist is to keep workers safe and keep the company in compliance with any regulations in place.

Construction safety checklist

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