bar cleaning checklist

What is a bar cleaning checklist?

A bar cleaning checklist helps guarantee that cleaning and sanitizing operations are effectively and regularly carried out. This type of specialty checklist can help guide managers and staff through the processes required to keep the bar clean and safe. Maintaining a properly documented cleaning checklist will help avoid fines or any other forms of government-sanctioned closures.

Of course, it can also help streamline operations and keep the staff on task. It can help reduce downtime by illustrating to staff that there is always a task to be completed.

Why do you need a bar cleaning checklist?

Inspections can be carried out randomly at any time by vendors or government agencies. Maintaining and abiding by a bar cleaning checklist helps ensure that your bar is prepared for these visits. Managers will be able to clearly show that they’ve been cleaning and sanitizing the bar properly.

A bar cleaning checklist keeps staff on track and keeps customers safe. Staff will always know what needs to be cleaned and when without having to check in with management. After a specific task is completed, the checklist alerts management that the task is done. All of this information aims to ensure smooth and compliant operations.

What should a bar cleaning checklist include?

A bar cleaning checklist contains every standard task that is required by health enforcement agencies and other inspectors. Following a bar cleaning checklist will prove to health inspectors that the bar is being regularly sanitized and cleaned. Additionally, following one can help create a reputation of cleanliness for the bar.

Key components of a bar cleaning checklist

  1. Opening
  2. Operating
  3. Closing


Several tasks must be done prior to serving the first customer. These types of tasks include inspecting tables, bathrooms, plates, and utensils to verify that they are clean and ready for use.

A bar cleaning checklist helps provide staff with a guide to assist them in carrying out all of the tasks that must be done before opening.


Regular walkthroughs should be carried out by staff to ensure the bar is as clean as possible for patrons. Doing so helps create a better experience for them and prevents messes from piling up.

Staff performing the walkthrough should look for any dirt accumulation, trash, crumbs, or spills. Any area that is used heavily during operating hours should be included in regular walkthroughs.


Before the staff leaves, the bar should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. A bar cleaning checklist aids staff in carrying out these procedures effectively and efficiently.

Ensure that the back bar, bathrooms, and tables have been properly cleaned. Equipment throughout the bar should be cleaned along with mugs, plates, and utensils.

The takeaway

A bar cleaning checklist provides staff and managers with a useful tool to keep the bar clean and safe for patrons. It also gives your organization a powerful tool that keeps staff on track and serves as proof of task completion, simplifying quality control and assurance.

Bar cleaning checklist

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