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About AC Pro

AC Pro is a family-owned heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration (HVACR) distributor headquartered in Fontana, CA — serving Arizona, Southern California, and Southern Nevada markets with their highly trained associates and commitment to excellence. They carry thousands of quality products from the industry’s leading brands and needed a software solution that would save them the time of having to prepare reports and would increase their overall compliance rate among store managers.

monitorQA has significantly dropped the time spent having to prepare reports. Everything is now completed on site with zero time spent afterwards trying to create the report and PowerPoint presentation. As soon as I submit the inspection, everything is already done. It’s scored. I have pictures. I have notes — all before I leave the location. It’s great!

Gabriel Gomez

Environmental Health and Safety Manager
air conditioning equipment

The Problem

AC Pro has been a leader in their industry for years, but they were still performing health and safety audits using Excel and PowerPoint. This meant too much time was being wasted post-inspection preparing reports for location managers.

Auditing teams had to manually upload pictures and add detailed notes for each picture, which added more time to this slow process. Finally, preparing a same-day PowerPoint presentation after every inspection added an extra two hours to the inspection process, but was required to ensure the information was still fresh.

The follow-up process was challenging for AC Pro as well. Follow-ups sometimes came 30 days later, which led to missed corrective actions and inefficiency. What should’ve been a simple re-inspection became a problem if the previous notes weren’t clear or used pictures that failed to provide clarity. In many cases, there were limited pictures available since each one had to be uploaded manually.

All of this made it challenging for the company and its managers to ensure compliance across all operations. The lack of collaboration between locations made it difficult to document issues, measure progress, and create a culture of safety.

AC Pro needed a solution — one that would make the auditing process more efficient and effective as the company worked towards company-wide compliance.

The Solution

AC Pro decided to test monitorQA’s digital auditing application. This powerful tool provided capabilities they only dreamt about. Gone were the days of using Excel and PowerPoint. The new app was simple to use and provided easy access for users to see previous history and documentation.

monitorQA offered AC Pro a flexible solution that allows customization of smart checklists, dashboards, photos, and reports. Collaboration is easier than ever, with greater insight into operations across all locations. The ability to document inspections and corrective actions in real-time is a huge perk. 

The company captured and backed up their data within the system or to the cloud with easy accessibility. They generate their reports automatically and send them directly to upper management, location managers, and those responsible for facilitating corrective actions.

The monitorQA auditing app seamlessly installs within an hour, is very user-friendly, and easy to navigate. monitorQA offered several training sessions to accommodate different schedules and their ongoing support is unmatched.

The Outcome

AC Pro now has access to a mobile inspection and auditing solution that they can scale as their compliance needs evolve.

The company uses monitorQA to eliminate a week’s worth of work every month. AC Pro saves 50 hours every month by cutting out the time spent on the back end of inspections. When an inspection is complete, the report is ready to send.

And thanks to built-in collaboration features, AC Pro has cut their follow-up time by 50%. Everything in the report is clear and concise, reassessing a report 30 days later is no longer a problem. Just open the app, see the flagged issues, and complete the reinspection. Follow-ups are no longer an obstacle for the company.

AC Pro now has company-wide visibility into compliance. Health and safety compliance from location managers has increased by 40% since deploying monitorQA. Managers can send reports before leaving the inspection site. This allows an opportunity for discussion between the location manager and inspector if more information is required. Company-wide access to the reports has given location managers an incentive to score higher, as well as to quickly correct any flagged infractions. Managers can snap and upload photos of the corrective action within the app to demonstrate compliance.

“Managers now know exactly what needs to be improved and the ongoing results of those improvements. monitorQA gives our teams real-time visibility into the state of compliance across the company. The level of awareness and collaboration monitorQA provides is game-changing for any company that’s serious about health and safety”. Gabriel Gomez, Environmental Health and Safety Manager

monitorQA not only streamlined AC Pro’s safety auditing process, it made an already strong company more powerful by allowing them to focus on what matters most: health and safety.

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