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About Pizza Patrón

Pizza Patrón is a pizza franchise headquartered in San Antonio, Texas — bringing together tastes, language, and vibes from the Latino culture. With almost a hundred locations and more under development, the fast-growing restaurant chain was in need of robust software that can keep a close eye on all its operations and growth.

Pizza Patrón is all about providing the best guest experiences possible. With monitorQA, they can more easily collect, track, and respond to guest feedback across more than 100 locations. Since implementing monitorQA, they have managed to improve response times by more than 50%, decreasing time to completion from 50 hours to 22 hours.

“Working with monitorQA has been fantastic. We’ve used the tool for more than just audits. We’ve used it for our internal checklists, product launches, and even support visits. With everything so easily documented, we never lose any data and we are responding to action items and customer concerns in record times.

Xina Togba

Director of Education & Training
pizza patron using monitorQA for operational efficiency

The Problem

Pizza Patrón is no stranger to running successful restaurant operations. The company understands the value of aligning operational activities with its higher level objectives. But just like most companies operating out of close to 100 locations, the biggest challenge is keeping tabs on the quality-control and efficiency at each location.

With quality assurance audits being conducted every quarter, they needed software that was flexible and customizable. They also needed a platform that went beyond just audits, allowing them to conduct market tests and guest experience programs more efficiently. 

The company recognized the need for better data collection and the need to sort through it all. Effectively analyzing the data would lead to improved performance and efficiency.

The Solution

Pizza Patrón decided to roll out monitorQA’s inspection tool across their audit team. They used the tool for support visits, recognition programs, store feedback, helpdesk, and repair tickets.

The company also successfully collected market test data for a new product. Allowing them to collect a set of new and relevant information from the most candid feedback from store managers — without having to bring them all into the head office. 

But perhaps the most important task Pizza Patrón rolled out was monitorQA’s inspection tool for their QSC audits across all their locations. 

The Guest Experience Program also received a boost with robust features that allowed for customer feedback and surveys to be responded to in record time. 

The Outcome

Using the flexible and fully-customizable features of monitorQA, Pizza Patrón has enhanced their business operations across all their locations.

Seamless Audits & Support Visits: With an easy checklist option on the tool itself, recognition visits in the field and collecting data have been seamless. Documenting feedback from each store, responding to support tickets, and maintaining a list of action items on the go has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of company wide audits.

No lost data: A QSC audit can take a lot of time — up to several hours with a long checklist. Which is why a company like Pizza Patrón needs a reliable tool that saves the data in real-time (on a cloud or on the device for a period of time), and also doesn’t hang-up or freeze. With monitorQA, they can skip the headache of losing valuable information, and instead focus only on the audit.

The tool also allows you to take multiple photos during your inspection — a feature not currently found in most other apps.

Nothing slips through the cracks: An auditor usually has over 50 or more stores to inspect. The needs, observations, and requirements of each store can be drastically different, making it hard to keep track of all the data. The actions feature in monitorQA makes it easy to keep track of every action item for each store. Respective stores can then log in to see their own action items for maximum alignment of goals and objectives. 

Increased Operational Efficiency: Prior to adopting monitorQA, it used to take Pizza Patrón 50 hours to close a guest inquiry.. This is the time between a guest filling out a survey and receiving a response from a member from the Guest Experience Program. 

monitorQA has allowed Pizza Patrón to lower that response time to 22 hours.

Where only 7% of the locations were logging into the guest experience program on a daily basis, Pizza Patrón now sees 20% of all locations logging into the platform every day on average. 

Robust Data Collection: Prior to using monitorQA, a company like Pizza Patrón would simply resort to calling store managers to the head office to talk about the product. The feedback would probably not have been as candid since they’d be in a room full of other people in front of senior level management.

With monitorQA, the company has been able to collect diverse and valuable feedback — allowing honest discussions with every single store manager while documenting their feedback. This allowed Pizza Patrón to collect new insight in relation to product handling, shelf life, and the need for various procedures against the present one.

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