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The workplace is a busy place. There’s no denying that. Employees are constantly running around, moving things from place to place, and using various equipment.

And this chaos definitely has consequences. Every year, there are 2.8 million workplace injuries in the United States alone. Businesses are also losing out on millions of dollars due to poor-quality services or products, which are the result of some sort of workplace error.

So how are business leaders supposed to take charge and control the chaos? Enter CAPA software—also known as corrective and preventive action software. CAPA software is designed to streamline health, safety, and compliance in the workplace—boosting visibility and safety for everyone involved.

Need convincing on why your business needs CAPA software? Here are the top six reasons to implement CAPA software in your company.

1. Quickly assess and improve safety guidelines

CAPA software will allow you to quickly assess safety guidelines at any time.

Unfortunately, workplace injury numbers continue to increase year over year. In 2019, there were 5,333 workplace deaths in the United States alone. These numbers are staggering, and all industries have contributed to this number. 

So, how can software help us bring this number down?

A checklist could be completed routinely to improve safety. Safety supervisors have the ability to add, remove, or edit anything on the safety checklist whenever they need to. 

Supervisors can also identify hazards and report on corrective actions. Businesses report lower injury rates after implementing software into their safety routines.

Plus, the software will automatically store your data. This means that your team will always have access to an instant safety report.

2. Improve your quality control

With the millions of dollars lost every year due to poor quality, businesses need tighter quality control.

CAPA software can allow businesses to identify the root of quality problems. One day of extra quality checks, mixed with software, will give factual insight into what’s going on.

Your business will have answers to many questions. Such as “What’s going on with quality at this point of the process?” “Where did the manufacturing process go wrong?” “When did this problem arise and how consistent is it?” among more specific questions. 

When you have this insight into your company’s processes, you can quickly identify and resolve quality problems. This will definitely improve customer satisfaction and decrease the number of product defects.

quality control processes

3. Work with employees to improve culture

The work culture within your facility can be improved. Work culture is the backbone behind great productivity.

What exactly is work culture? It’s the shared attitude, beliefs, and values that employees share.

Using CAPA software to monitor progress on improving work culture can make the workplace a more productive, supportive, and positive space.

4. Improved communication

Software makes collaborating with others easy and seamless. Doing things on paper makes it so that team members have to print stuff, write things down, make copies, send mail, leave notes, and more. It all gets so unorganized.

With software, every team member can easily access what’s going on and contribute. Comments, numbers, and ideas can be added quickly. This makes for quicker and better solutions to any problems in the workspace.

5. Get reports easily—and instantly

As mentioned earlier, CAPA software saves everything you put in. This means that you can get reports on safety, productivity, quality, and so much more—all in an instant.

CAPA software is incredibly collaborative, so you and selected individuals can plug in whatever numbers or comments they want. 

You can send reports through email, text, or even print them.

reports on safety and quality

6. Take control of audits

Audits can send a shiver down the spine of any supervisor. Of course your workplace is safe, but having someone sent down to inspect and judge every aspect of it can be a bit nerving.

When you and your team implement CAPA software, audits are no longer a major worry. You and your team know that everything is safe, clean, and secure. Reports leading up to the audit can inform your team of everything to improve upon and your progress on doing so.

Workers can even get in on the reports. When they know what they can work on, they’ll try harder to achieve it. 

Even better, check out your local government guidelines and rules. Create a new checklist with everything that’s on there and go around the place to make sure everything is running well. 

Implement CAPA software and improve your workplace with monitorQA

Now you know why so many businesses trust and rely on CAPA software to improve quality, safety, communication, and workplace culture.

Finding affordable and reliable software can be difficult. Luckily for you, businesses around the world are using and loving monitorQA’s software.
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