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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – April 27, 2021

SoftwareWorld has officially listed monitorQA as one of the best audit management software solutions in 2021. MonitorQA’s focus on providing an intuitive, mobile-first solution has earned them recognition in the inspection and auditing software space, reaffirming the importance of ensuring health and safety compliance during the global pandemic.

“The global pandemic has only demonstrated how important health and safety is to businesses in all industries. With a solution like monitorQA, businesses can simplify how their frontline employees approach health and safety—giving them full visibility into these areas during arguably the most important time in modern history,” said Andrew Motiwalla, CRO of monitorQA.

SoftwareWorld provides top software lists for a variety of industries, including their annual list detailing the Top Audit Management Software. Scores are calculated using user satisfaction scores and other industry-specific information. The inclusion of a newer platform like monitorQA further demonstrates the importance of making health and safety a collaborative outcome for all businesses. 

“Compliance is often seen as a boring subject. We’ve worked hard to create an intuitive experience that makes it easy for companies to create a culture of compliance so they can roadmap the steps needed to achieve operational excellence,” said Peter Swaniker, CEO of monitorQA.

monitorQA gives companies looking to streamline and transform the way they approach quality control and compliance an intuitive solution designed for the modern user experience. Companies can use monitorQA to create fully customized inspection checklists, snap and annotate photos at the corrective action level, discover new insights with dashboards that aggregate data across the business, and turn quality control into a collaborative process.

About monitorQA

monitorQA is a startup founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide companies with access to enterprise-grade auditing software as a service (SaaS). The mission of the company is to help companies achieve operational excellence by streamlining the audit and inspection creation process, increasing the speed of mobile inspections, and surfacing operational insights through a robust reporting system. 

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