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It’s no secret safety inspections are challenging without the right technology. All those spreadsheets, manually uploading photos, tracking corrective actions—it’s not easy.

The process is often long and tedious, may involve multiple people at different locations, long wait times as reports are shared and processed. For many companies, these steps directly impact their operational efficiency—even if they don’t know it.

And then there are the strict regulatory requirements that no company can afford to break.

That’s where modern inspection software comes into the picture. Mobile inspection apps are the next big tool in onsite and remote auditing. Just snap a picture, annotate for clarity, and create a data-rich and collaborative inspection process.

So, how important is a mobile-first approach when it comes to safety inspection software? This article will show you four key benefits any company can achieve with the right inspection platform.

workplace safety inspection software

Benefit #1: Access Smart Audit Forms and Form Builders

The key to any successful auditing job is in the form itself. Having the right form can lead to better accuracy, improved completion, and visibility across the board. 

Forms have to be complete, detailed, and quick to administer. If you are looking over checkboxes on a form, unsure of which to check off, valuable time is being wasted. You need an innovative and quick solution with a minimal learning curve—something that’s customized exactly to your needs.

That’s why the time savings you can achieve by using smart audit forms are too valuable to ignore. With easy-to-use instructions and an intuitive setup process, smart forms can be made using pre-designed audit templates. You can even create your own forms to capture your company’s unique auditing methodology. 

Benefit #2: Perform Data-Rich Audits From Any Location

Audits need to be performed everywhere, whether you’re auditing equipment deep in the wilderness or ensuring food and safety best practices in an industrial kitchen. 

food safety industrial kitchen

You can’t afford to let poor connectivity and compatibility slow down your audit process. The right mobile inspection app must offer the right level of functionality, accessibility, and usability from any device, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Smart workplace safety inspection software transforms your audit capabilities, giving you a powerful platform that can:

  • Intake digital signatures 
  • Annotate images 
  • Add timestamps to forms
  • Provide GPS coordinates
  • Work from any mobile device
  • Store data app-side and upload when connectivity is restored 

After all, you rely on inspections to detect issues and achieve operational excellence. You shouldn’t be restricted to a rigid inspection process that requires an Internet connection and inaccessible equipment. 

Benefit #3: Generate Powerful Insights With Real-Time Operational Data

Inspections require a lot of resources to perform, process, and track over time. And for many companies, it’s challenging to turn inspection data into actionable insights.

Larger companies are collecting an unimaginable amount of data through each inspection—all of which is mission-critical when it comes to compliance requirements. Mobile inspection software not only empowers the collection process, but it turns all of this data into operational intelligence that can impact decision-making across the company.

powerful insights for team

Having the ability to customize how you interact with critical inspection data is valuable. You can organize the data to see things like:

  • What level of progress an individual location has made
  • How a specific region of locations is performing
  • Where you can make noticeable improvements to the business
  • How a specific category is performing across the company

With access to the right intelligence and data analytics, decision-making becomes easy. Your teams will know exactly what areas need improvement, where progress is being made, and what areas require investment.

Benefit #4: Create a Collaborative & Accurate Follow-Up Process 

How does your company follow up on corrective actions? This is one area where many companies struggle. What good is the significant time and money you invested in documenting corrective actions if they aren’t being completed?

Mobile inspection platforms solve this problem using a collaborative approach that’s designed to boost accuracy. Corrective actions can be assigned to individual users, comments can be shared, and users can receive automated notifications when updates are made. 

This feature may seem small, but it improves accountability in so many ways. Anyone from the C-level executive, project managers, team members, and even clients can track progress for individual corrective actions.

Great workplace safety inspection software provides this ease of access and accountability. Choose an app experience that enables your team productivity and increases morale, allowing for a quick audit process, automated report creation, and notifications. 

Having the ability to enhance your audits as needed before sending them off to a stakeholder, using annotations, notes, boolean logic, and more is critical today when facing strict regulations and penalties for non-compliance. 

monitorQA: Smart & Intuitive Mobile Inspection Software

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